Suzi Finkelstein

Suzi Finkelstein

With over 30 years of experience, Suzi is an exceptionally competent CEO, Board Director, and Executive/Leadership Coach.

Who is Suzi Finkelstein?

Suzi has been an executive coach and facilitator of leadership programs for the better part of two decades. Public and private programs, workshops, and webinars total thousands of facilitations and coaching hours. She has worked throughout the public and private sectors.

Her passion is helping people thrive by increasing awareness and ultimately creating authorship to ensure a future-focused approach. The process leverages strengths, fosters stakeholder management, and builds leadership capacity and capability. She works with individuals and teams, building psychologically safe environments to increase team functionality and, ultimately, accountability.

Suzi is a lifelong learner. With a background in education, she continued her learning by gaining a MAPP (Master of Applied Positive Psychology) from Melbourne University, which not only legitimised her work as a coach and development consultant but also equipped her to use an evidence-based methodology in her practice. 

Suzi is accredited in several psychometric tools and regularly debriefs large cohorts of individuals. In 2020, Suzi decreased her coaching and facilitation load and stepped up from being the General Manager of Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) to become the CEO of Navitas’ WLA, its global arms (WLI, WLNZ) and the Australian School of Applied Management (ASAM). Despite the economic difficulties caused by the COVID pandemic, she was able to restructure the global organisation so that it exceeded growth targets.

Suzi now applies her learnings as a GM and CEO to her work as a consultant, working with individuals and teams in pursuit of inclusive leadership. She serves on committees and boards and is currently co-director of the Executive Fellows Program at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), and Senior Associate at WLA and Peter Berry Consultancy, an authorised distributor of Hogan psychometrics.


Passionate about nurturing talent in others, Suzi takes great pride in her work and is deeply committed to helping others thrive in leadership positions across all facets of the workforce and broader community. She is consistently acknowledged for her ability to connect with diverse audiences and create safe, innovative learning environments focused on inclusivity and collaboration.

Her extensive experience, particularly in the women and leadership space, stellar reputation as a coach, and never-ending thirst for knowledge allow her to approach her work with the rigour befitting an impactful leader and role model.

Suzi’s programs are designed to enhance leadership skills and capabilities, allowing participants to become more effective leaders in their respective roles by increasing:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Inclusive Leadership Skills
  • Leadership Capacity and Capability
  • Psychologically Safe Team Environments
  • Accountability and building a Results-Oriented Culture.

Overall, participants in Suzi’s coaching and leadership programs can expect a transformative experience that equips them with the skills, insights, and confidence to thrive as leaders in today’s complex and rapidly changing world.

Skills & Experience


  • As ASAM CEO the business achieved financial stability over a time of intense (pandemic and ownership) challenges.
  • Built the Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) business to securing its leadership role and business growth. Expanded the brand with international presence (United Kingdom, & New Zealand)
  • Extensive experience in leadership and coaching programs.
  • Convened public and in-house conferences including over 50 national symposiums for Women & Leadership Australia and the National Leadership Institute.
  • Co-Director of the ANZSOG – (Australia and New Zealand School of Government) Executive Fellowship Program.


I’ve successfully worked with clients from diverse sectors and levels within organisations including:

  • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Caltex
  • The Boston Consulting Group
  • Queensland Education Leadership Institute
  • Department Health & Human Services
  • Football Federation Australia
  • 100% Project
  • PLC
  • Somerset College
  • Growcom
  • Queensland Rail
  • QIC
  • Qld Police
  • Catholic Education Department
  • Guild Insurance
  • VicRoads
  • Victorian Planning Authority
  • Rail Projects Victoria
  • Director NCJWA (Vic) – National Council of Jewish Women of Australia Victoria
  • Suzi’s lifelong passion has been the pursuit of equitable and inclusive thinking and opportunities. This results in a more gender diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Suzi focusses her work to increase capacity and capability to broaden career aspirations and opportunities for those she works with.
  • She supports and mentors marginalised groups such as Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander women, migrant women, and the Jewish community.
  • Current organisations:
    * Women’s Business
    * Professional Migrant Women’s Network
    * National Council for Jewish Women Australia (Vic) – Board Member and Chair, Advocacy Committee
  • Co Director, Executive Fellowship Program at ANZSOG – The Australia and New Zealand School of Government!


  • Melbourne University – Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP)
  • Deakin University – Diploma Management
  • FIRE UP Coaching – Cert IV Business and Personal Coaching Performis & Mr Wed Certificate
  • IV Training and Assessment
  • Melbourne State College – Diploma of Education
  • Hogan International Certified Practitioner
  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument – Accredited Practitioner
  • CT Mindfully – Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Coaching
  • International Coach Academy – International Certified Coach Training Program,
  • Accreditation International Coach Federation– Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Centre for Transformational Coaching – Deep Coaching Intensive
  • Human Synergistics – LSI Accreditation Mastery MLQ- MLQ Accredited Facilitator
  • Neuroleadership – QuietLeadership Effective Coaching Trauma Informed Coaching
  • Cornell University – Diversity & Inclusion for Bottom Line Performance
  • Columbard Management
  • Consulting – Gender Diversity Effectiveness.
  • Diversity@Work – Cultural Diversity@Work
  • Diversity@Work – Opening the Doors – Disability in the workplace.
  • Nairn Walker – A Framework for Understanding Poverty
  • Diversity@Work- Mental Health First Aid
  • Babel Group – The Role of the Facilitative Leader
  • Rushall Consulting Group – Mastery in Deep Facilitation
  • NLP Melbourne – Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • DDI- Essentials of Leadership & DDI Accredited facilitator and DDI Accredited facilitator
  • Finance for non-financial managers – Melbourne Business

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