Suzi Finkelstein

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A highly sought-after professional speaker specializing in leadership and diversity. With her lifelong dedication to inclusive leadership and evidence-based approach, Suzi will captivate your audience and provide practical insights to help your organization thrive.

Suzi’s specialist topics include:


Inclusive leadership – Suzi has spent her whole career working to develop it. She may discuss the value of inclusive leadership, the obstacles of adopting it in the company, and ideas for fostering a more inclusive culture.


Leadership development – Suzi has over 20 years of experience to share and is well-qualified to talk on the subject. She could speak about assessing leadership potential, effective leadership training, and leadership development initiatives.


Gender equity and women in the workplace. Suzi speaks from experience about the difficulties that women face in positions of leadership, strategies for overcoming these difficulties, and the importance of gender diversity in the workplace.

Suzi is a well-known speaker who exudes confidence, subject matter expertise, and real-world experiences that she would be delighted to share at your next seminar, conference, or event!

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