Suzi Finkelstein

Suzi Finkelstein

Executive/Leadership Coach, Facilitator, and Board Director.

Dr Andrew Cousins, Principal of Clayfield College shares how having a coach helped him grow as a leader after participating in a group leadership program facilitated by Suzi.


Identifying development areas 

“Having a coach has helped me put a microscope on the things I need to work on as a leader. Which we then worked through in a proactive way. It’s helped me catch those opportunities to improve that I might not have seen.” 


Providing a trusted outside perspective 

“It’s been very helpful having someone I trust outside of the organisation to talk to about the things that I’m going through, and to help me work through options for solutions for complex problems.” 


Personalised support when I need it most 

“I have called on my coach in an SOS type situation. When I’m dealing with big, complicated issues, it’s invaluable to have someone support me to work through the problem and also prompt me to make sure I’m taking care of myself at the same time.” 


Helping to prioritise leadership self-care 

Sometimes we focus on a strategy I’m working on, or sometimes it’s beneficial to have an external person who holds me accountable at times when I need it


Can experienced leaders benefit from a coach? 

“Yes, absolutely because every situation is different, every year is different, every challenge is different. So, it provides an opportunity to say, I’m not sure how to approach this, or I’m thinking about these couple of approaches, which we talk through and by the end of a session, I know how I’m going to approach it.” 


"I describe myself as a coaching convert”

After participating in a group leadership program facilitated by Suzi, Andrew understood how coaching could benefit his own personal growth and continued working with Suzi in a one-on-one coaching program after the group program was complete.

“Previously, I wasn’t confident in how coaching could help me.”

“But through this journey, I’d now describe myself as a coaching convert. I saw how coaching had supported me personally but also in my own leadership journey.”


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Suzi has 20 years of inclusive leadership development expertise as a CEO and Executive Director. Due to her extensive understanding of leadership issues, Suzi has helped thousands of high-achieving clients succeed. Her work is rigorous and evidence-based, and she has presented at national and international conferences.

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