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For my work, there are numerous client success stories, glowing testimonials, and powerful impact statements. My clients frequently extol the transformative power of the executive coaching and leadership consulting services they have received from me.

I work closely and meticulously with my clients to help them navigate complex challenges, develop resilience, and confidence in order to achieve personal and professional goals.

I have assisted countless individuals and teams in realising their full potential, driving innovation, and effecting positive change in their workplaces and beyond through mentorship and facilitation.

With so many success stories, I’ve only featured a small number of them on the website to demonstrate my expertise, passion, and unwavering commitment to my clients’ success. Have fun reading!

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Rave Reviews

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Angela Mager
Angela Mager
26 March 2024
Suzi Finkelstein is an executive coach who brings clarity and empathy with every interaction. Through my coaching sessions with her, I worked through an Important transformation not only in my career, but also in my life. Suzi leads with authenticity that immediately builds trust, which then results in client breakthroughs. Highly recommend Suzi for leadership and executive coaching!
Lynda Dunn
Lynda Dunn
25 March 2024
I worked with Suzi a few years ago through WLA. She is an outstanding trainer and facilitator. Someone who makes you think outside the box. She makes you feel like she is really on the journey alongside you. I can't wait to work with her again!
Julia Cohen
Julia Cohen
19 March 2024
I have worked with Suzi as Executive Coach over a number of years and spanning a number if important career decision and transitions. Suzi takes an informed and insightful approach and at all times is clued into the key information she needs to help you gain insight and energy from the seemingly impossible tangles you have in front of you; and most importantly undo those tangles and move forward. Suzi is a kind, emphatic person who is always wonderful to spend time with.
Liisa Parisot
Liisa Parisot
18 March 2024
Suzi is a very intuitive and experienced coach who has helped me to better understand my strengths and weaknesses. She helped me speak up on issues I was struggling with and I found it very useful to build on my own self awareness on the value that I add. We had three sessions and while these were intensely challenging for me I feel a better person for it.
Doreen Fernandez
Doreen Fernandez
16 March 2024
It was a privilege and honor to have Suzi Finkelstein as my coach on the Advanced Leadership program through Women Leadership Australia In her own calm and understanding way she was able to draw me out and steer me on the right path I feel much stronger and so much more confident with who I am and what I have accomplished – I am now in a much better place to continue on the journey ahead. Thank you for all that you have done for me Suzi - keep up your amazing work!
Jeni Anning
Jeni Anning
15 March 2024
I had the incredible opportunity to work with Suzi over the last twelve months as my Executive Coach whilst completing the Advanced Leadership Program. Suzi's coaching style was a perfect balance between creating space to be heard, whilst gently and effectively challenging my perspective and assumptions. The conversations we had have stayed with me for a long time after. They have not only improved my leadership capabilities but have also enabled me to improve my personal wellbeing.
Samantha Barnes
Samantha Barnes
14 March 2024
I have had the distinct privilege of being part of a leadership program that was expertly delivered by Suzi. The coaching tips that she shared and her knowledge of leadership and mentoring made the experience so valuable in developing my own skills and being able to view things from different perspectives. Suzi is very personable and you can see she strives to connect methods and tools to the issue in a very relevant way that helps to really connect to the practice and establish that skill within you as an individual.
Berneen Gardiner
Berneen Gardiner
13 March 2024
I recently completed the Advanced Leadership Program through Women & Leadership Australia and had the privilege of working with Suzi in her role as a facilitator of the overall program as well as my Executive Coach. What stood out for me was how Suzi was able to quickly focus attention to key development opportunities, using thought provoking questions and application of her immense knowledge and understanding of data and tools in the space of leadership and coaching. She is pragmatic and real in her approach and has a true gift in helping identify high impact strategies that align with one's values and personal situation. I highly recommend Suzi for anyone wanting to take their leadership journey to the next level.
T Mckee
T Mckee
11 March 2024
In her role as an Executive coach, Suzi supports the growth and development of our next leaders. Conscious of the human element, Suzi guides executives through a greater level of self awareness and adaptive change. As a beneficiary of her coaching in an Advanced Leadership Program, Suzi’s style allows one to hone their strengths, build strong teams and provide a solid foundation for growth. Key Account Manager, Australia.

Glowing Testimonials

It’s been a wonderful journey being coached by you, Suzi. I have found that over the year, your insights and observations have helped lead me to a greater understanding of not just my abilities, but equally my derailers. I realise now that being a leader is a lifelong experience and reflection is always invaluable.

Emma Cook Australasian Business Development Director Agility Project Logistics

Working with Suzi completely changed my work mindset and credit goes to her. Suzi challenged me to find a way to address aspects of my psychometric assessment that created a shift in my approach and the response.
Thank you for your challenging and engaging approach, Suzi.

Tim Butterfield Commercial Manager, Regional Rail Revival Rail Projects Victoria

Suzi, your departure from ASAM as CEO is a great loss for the organisation, but what an excellent legacy you leave – terrific growth and consolidation in a highly contested space. You must be very proud of that. You should be!

Virginia Haussegger AM Journalist & Media Advisory Adj Professor, University of Canberra 2019 ACT Australian of The Year

I recently attended a forum of which Suzi facilitated a day session to assist a very
broad range of organisations for Women develops a Manifesto. Suzi tailored the
workshop to her audience with seamless and engaging delivery. The group was
able to connect, share and develop tangible outcomes. Suzi was very professional and well prepared and supportive. Thank you, Suzi, I very much enjoyed the day and the interactions.

Angela Tomazos MAICD GFINA Business Leader, Community Advocate, Advisor

Suzi is a truly amazing coach! Working with her has made all the difference to both my confidence and career direction. She has helped me identify my key motivators and how to approach work and life in general. I appreciate her ability to listen, probe gently and peel back a problem’s complexity to arrive at a practical solution. Her extensive knowledge of industry best practice and cutting-edge research is second to none. Thank you, Suzi!

Valentina Samac Project Manager at Mavrik

There is no doubt the last two years have taken a toll on everyone, but particularly on those in leadership and more so upon inclusive leaders like you, who truly care about those around them. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done over the past 10 years.

Dr Terry Fitzsimmons PhD MBA(Adv) BEc CA – Associate Professor in Leadership University of Queensland Business School

Suzi, I would like to thank you immensely for your time and support. In all honestly, I was totally unprepared for both the coaching sessions that we’ve had so far. I had no idea what I wanted to talk about.
The only thing I knew was that I would remain absolutely honest at all times, and be open to exploring any doorways that our discussions may create. And I was pleasantly surprised with how beautifully you led into conversations that were extremely meaningful, insightful and helpful to me.
You helped me introspect my thoughts, feelings and emotions in such a non-judgemental manner, it was so easy to open up and talk with you! Our sessions brought great clarity to my thoughts, and helped me identify the steps that I now need to take so I can achieve my goals. Thank you once again
for your kind support – you are an excellent coach!”

Shetal J Desai (MTIA) Manager Assurance & Process Improvement.

On behalf of the Navy Women team, I wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks to you Suzi and the entire team for all the support you have provided us in 2020. The launch and success of the Navy Women Mentoring Program is a testament to the professionalism and dedication of your entire team and we look forward working with you again into 2021 and beyond.
In addition, the feedback we have had from all attendees at all your forums is always overwhelmingly positive and full of praise of the quality and content.
There is no doubt the last two years have taken a toll on everyone, but particularly on those in leadership and more so upon inclusive leaders like you, who truly care about those around them.

Kelly Haywood CMDR, RAN Navy Women & Strategic Advisor

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