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Session Overview

One coaching session suited to CEOs and leaders' needs.

This program offers four intensive coaching sessions.

This complete six-session coaching experience promotes ongoing change and growth. 

You can ADD the Hogan Insight Series or The Emotional Capital Report (ECR) by Roche Martin to any of my coaching packages.

Private One-On-One Coaching Sessions with Suzi
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1 session

4 sessions 

6 sessions


Psychometric assessment report and debrief

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Video Recording
-With your permission, your coaching sessions via Zoom will be recorded

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  1. Event Speaker and Facilitator:
    A highly sought-after professional speaker specialising in leadership and diversity. With her lifelong dedication to inclusive leadership and evidence-based approach, Suzi will captivate your audience and provide practical insights to help your organisation thrive.
  2. Psychometric Assessments:
    Psychometric assessments are a leadership development tool that provides a comprehensive interpretation of leadership potential based on emotional intelligence. It supplies accurate, multifaceted information about potential performance across a range of skills correlated with effective leadership and management. Suzi is accredited with the “Hogan Insight Series” and “The Emotional Capital Report” (ECR) by RocheMartin.
  3. Group and Team Coaching:
    Suzi is a skilled group/team coach who can tailor sessions to your specific requirements. She is skilled at creating a welcoming and engaging environment for shared learning and leadership development. Group sizes of between 5 and 15 people work well.
  4. Additional Coaching Sessions:  
    Extra individual coaching sessions can be purchased separately for $450* for a 60-minute session via Zoom and can be added to any of my current packages listed above.
  5. Special Events:
    Coaching, advisory, and mentoring sessions will be charged at negotiated commercial rates. Hourly, half-day or full-day sessions are available. Suzi may travel to your workshop or event and meet your audience in person anywhere in the world. She can also present remotely via a range of digital platforms.

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Why do you need Executive Coaching?

Research suggests that executive coaching and leadership advice can make a significant difference in individual and organizational performance. By working with a coach or advisor, individuals can improve their leadership skills, reduce stress levels, and achieve their professional goals.

A meta-analysis of studies on executive coaching published in the Journal of Positive Psychology found that coaching is associated with significant improvements in job performance and leadership skills. The study found that coaching leads to improvements in self-regulation, goal attainment, and psychological resources, which in turn lead to improved job performance.

Individual Coaching

Engage Suzi Finkelstein as your executive and leadership coach to unlock your full potential as a leader.

Personal executive coaching improves leadership, self-awareness, and decision-making. It promotes professional development, goal-setting, and workplace complexity by identifying strengths and areas for growth. Executive coaching improves teamwork by developing emotional intelligence, communication, and conflict resolution. Targeted support boosts productivity, employee engagement, and organisational flexibility, boosting personal and business success.

With over 20 years of experience in leadership development and a specialization in inclusive leadership, Suzi’s rigorous, evidence-based approach has helped countless individuals achieve success in a variety of industries and communities.

Group/Team Coaching

Elevate your team’s leadership skills with Suzi Finkelstein as your engaged executive and leadership coach.

Executive team coaching improves communication, collaboration, and decision-making. Trust and accountability increase team engagement and commitment. This coaching style maximises team productivity by identifying and using individual strengths. Diverse perspectives and problem-solving methods encourage innovation. Group coaching boosts leadership and emotional intelligence, improving workplace morale and conflict resolution. This approach increases organisational success and employee satisfaction.

Suzi’s style promotes inclusive thinking. She is sensitive to individual styles, current context and maintains the highest standards of integrity.

Take the first step towards achieving your professional goals and partner with Suzi today.

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Psychometric Assessment Report and Debrief

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Psychometric assessment report and debrief
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