Suzi Finkelstein

Suzi Finkelstein

Executive Coach, Mentor, Leadership Advisor
and Speaker/Facilitator.

Six considerations why the "Suzi factor" should be on your team


“Suzi, your leaving ASAM as CEO is a big loss for the organisation, but you leave behind a great legacy: great growth and consolidation in a very competitive space. You must be very pleased with yourself. You ought to be!”


“Working with Suzi completely changed my work mindset and credit goes to her.”


“Thank you for your challenging and engaging approach, Suzi.”


“Suzi tailored the workshop to her audience with seamless and engaging delivery.”


“You helped me think about my thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a way that didn’t make me feel judged. It was so easy to talk to you and be honest with you!


“Suzi is a truly amazing coach! Working with her has made all the difference to both my confidence and career direction.”

ROI, NO - It's ROU

Return on you (ROU)….
“Coaching clients saw a return on investment (ROI) of 3.44 times their coaching investment*, showing that executive coaching can be a valuable investment in career development”.

“Transform your leadership, unlock your full potential, and create lasting impact with Suzi Finkelstein’s executive coaching and advisory.”


A call with Suzi can change everything!

Boost your leadership confidence with my 15 minute Discovery Call!

If you want to develop your leadership abilities and navigate today’s workplace, a 15-minute free Discovery Call with Suzi is essential.

Suzi has 20 years of inclusive leadership development expertise as a CEO and Executive Director. Due to her extensive understanding of leadership issues, Suzi has helped thousands of high-achieving customers succeed. Her work is rigors and evidence-based, and she speaks at national and international conferences.

You will receive the following during this fast-paced, speed-coaching session with Suzi:

1. Clarity

2. Practical Insights

3. Personalized Assistance

4. Next Steps for moving forward

Suzi’s free Discovery Call will help you speed your leadership growth and reach your goals.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT one of those ‘sales-calls-in-disguise’ that some coaches offer. Executive & Leadership Coaching only works if you do it. So be prepared to roll up your sleeves and do some real work together.

Investing 15 minutes now could save you months or years of struggle. If you genuinely need help becoming a more effective leader, it can’t hurt to find out. This is your opportunity.

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